How to overcome the struggles of volume recruitment in saturated markets

Written by Andrea Frith

Volume recruitment, particularly in the customer service/call centre sector can pose significant challenges. These challenges can be heightened when operating in geographical areas of high employment, however with strategic approaches, they can be overcome:

Define target market:

Identify the specific target areas where there may still be room for growth, tailoring recruitment efforts towards these specific segments instead of trying to appeal to the entire market.

Leverage Employer Branding

Build a strong employer brand that sets itself apart from competitors, highlighting company culture, values and any unique selling points. Use social media to showcase employee testimonials and networking events.


Implement technology such as applicant tracking systems (ATS), AL – driven recruitment tools and data analytics to streamline the hiring process and identify suitable candidates more efficiently.

Employee Referral Programs

Encourage your existing employees to refer qualified candidates. Current employees are often the best advocates and can help attract like-minded individuals who will fit well into your organisation.

Passive Candidates

Top talent may not be actively looking for new opportunities however would be open to a strong offer. Engage with passive candidates through networking events, Linked In and any existing databased.

Benefits and compensation

In saturated markets, attracting top talent may require offering top salary and benefits – ensure offerings are competitive and not only focused on money, look at enhanced benefits and training and development opportunities.

Candidate experience

Ensure the recruitment experience is smooth, transparent and respectful of candidates’ time. A positive candidate experience will enhance your employer brand and encourage word-of-mouth referrals.

By implementing these strategies, some of the challenges of volume recruitment could be overcome and help attract true talent. Should you need further information or support in volume recruitment, please contact Andrea Frith 07708 901402 at Pertemps Managed Solutions. 


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